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We know that trends are changing in the realm of workforce development, and preparing for those changes is no small or easy feat. Educational and career pathways are more diverse than ever before. Advancements in digital technologies have also created entirely new industries with career paths previous generations could never have imagined, or even had access to. Thus, it is more and more evident that 21st century businesses need 21st century talent. Career training must start early because preparing tomorrow’s talent takes consistent, continued effort over time.

Helping Philadelphia’s young people get ahead increases overall academic achievement, lifetime earnings, creates demand-driven employment pipelines and supports long-term economic growth and community development. When our youth do well, our city does well. Young people bring energy, creativity, comfort with technology and curiosity among other untapped talents. They just need an opportunity to thrive.

Together, we can eliminate the opportunity divide, no longer having our young people defined by the street they grew up on, but the content of their character, positioning Philadelphia as a world-class city.

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Summer Jobs Matter

Building Stronger Communities

Value diversity

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Improving Outcomes for Youth

Economic opportunity

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Academic achievement

The issues young people face today, such as unemployment, lack of schooling and exposure to violence represent vast social costs to society at all levels.

Last year, WorkReady participants earned more than $6 million, money that was infused back into Philadelphia’s local economy.

Reducing Poverty

Reducing Poverty

Keeping Young People Safe

Keeping Young People Safe

Recent studies in both Boston and Chicago found that summer employment has the potential to decrease dangerous behavior in young people. In Philadelphia, where youth violence is increasingly prevalent, this is more important now than ever.

Offer enriching, positive work experiences to keep youth engaged in safe activities; thus developing an increased interest in continuing evolving work-based skills and employment.

One component of the citywide effort for Philadelphia Summer Jobs is to capture youth employment data from across the city.

You can participate by letting us know if you are currently hire high school aged youth at your business/organization during the summer. Providing this information will allow us to recognize you for your investment in the future workforce of Philadelphia.

Philly Summer Jobs

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